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About Us

How We Operate

Certification and compliance requirements NOSA
SABS ISO 9001:2000
Continuous improvement initiatives All technicians  are in possession of COCs and are certified by the SAQCC
SETA training
Strategic Planning Initiatives Balanced Scorecard  - BEE LEVEL 1
Values and Ethics
Technology Information Technology
Fire Protection Equipment

History Of Fire Check

As one of the largest fire and protection companies in South Africa, Fire Check is a broad-based company with a balanced portfolio of businesses offering multiple facets of fire protection and equipment.

With decades of fire protection experience, Fire Check has played a major role in the development of some of South Africa’s iconic buildings. All products are sourced from recognized manufacturers abroad, ensuring all approvals and quality standards are maintained. 

The Fire Check philosophy of commitment to high service standards and willingness to share our knowledge to develop a harmonious working relationship of understanding and reliability with our customers. Service delivery is based on an incisive understanding of customer needs and requirements with the objective of standing by projects until customers are satisfied.



Our strategy is to continue developing and maintaining our excellent service standards. This will be accomplished by: 

Total customer satisfaction

Communicating with our customers to facilitate and not to control the process

Offering practical and strategic solutions





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